Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bird bath

Made a week ago, a bird bath mosaic.

July Marsh Photos

To feed my idea to do some small landscapes, I went out today to take some photos of the abundant growth that is on the marsh at this time. The air is still today and everywhere your eye lands is something exquisite and beautiful until as when walking around a gallery you reach a point where it is almost too much and your senses are overwhelmed with it all. These were only taken with my mobile camera but they are enough to record this day where everyone of my senses has been caressed...

Still, clear dark water from bridge

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My boy

I am a proud mother of two wonderful, beautiful and gifted boys. They never cease to amaze, inspire and impress me. Here i am hoping to share with you my youngest son Will's wonderful music and wanting you to enjoy it too. also on You Tube Bear in mind he is just 16, and is finding a new and exciting path leading him into a glorious future, exploring all the way ... a wonderful state to find himself. LETOU