Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I have been wanting to do this for a long while, that is to give a short tutorial for all the stitches I have used in the kits. The first, which I was been taught by my mother was called fishbone stitch, is more commonly called fly stitch. Confusing I know, but that may happen again in naming stitches. I think we have all grown up with different names for them ... the main thing is to stitch it ... and then call it what you like! Any feedback on this would be lovely, let me know what you have been calling it!

I do love this one. It is so versatile, and can grow and diminish, widen and narrow to great effect, also a good filler, and great for leaves, just a thoroughly good all rounder. I have used an unbleached linen here, and DMC stranded cotton which I get from Cross Stitch Heaven as used in all the kits.

In each tutorial I shall show a few applications, so you can play around at will once you have learnt the basics. There will be (hopefully) one tutorial a week, time allowing ... and maybe a few projects too. I hope you will enjoy!

fly stitch with suggestions of how to use as a decorative border


  1. Oh what a lovely idea....I LOVE embroidery, it is my first love and I have embroidered ever since I was a little girl. I did my degree in Embroidery at Manchester, studying under the amazing Prof Anne Morrell. I am currently hatching a plan to combine crochet with appliqué and embroidery techniques....very excited about that!
    What stitch is next??xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hi. me staying at kerala _ india. as for u I my mother was my first teacher. I studied the basics from her. later studied under the guidance of a teacher. we call this stitch fly stitch. waiting for ur next work.

  3. Hi, your pictures didn't help me to understand, Hopefully there is Youtube!

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