Friday, 24 May 2013

Embroidery Bird Decoration to download

Well here it is, my first online, downloadable stitch kit! While I am away from my post I have designed something for you to print yourself onto lightweight calico, make up and embroider ... it is easy to print onto lightweight fabric and the effect is crisp and clear. I give full description and instructions for printing, making up and also how to make the little stand, though you could also thread the bird to hang up.  I would love to see how you get on with this so let me see your results!

Have fun with it ...

Easy to embroider and make up embroidered bird
Little bird decoration
Easy to embroider and make up embroidered bird
There are instructions for making the stand from a bottle cap

Stitch variation


A short intermission

All Brand New!

During the next few weeks there may be a short silence. On 28th May I am going into hospital to have a long awaited breast reconstruction. I had breast cancer in 2010 and now that I am fully recovered it is time to have this surgery and say goodbye to the lopsided me and embrace the cleavage again. It is amazing how I have got used to it, as we all get used to almost anything in time, but I want to do this now after turning down the operation 18 months ago. The procedure I am having takes the fat from my stomach and creates a breast from this with mind blowing precision and micro surgery ... can't imagine it ... and also I am having a reduction on the 'good side' to match up with the new breast. I can't say I am not nervous, not only by the whole experience, and not least about having to leave this business which is beginning to become exciting, and it is hard to leave it in a suspended state. My mind is going all the time with the next thing and it will be frustrating to have to sit still for a while.
I have been preparing projects of a more relaxing nature to do during recovery ... the tee shirt yarn rugs, the new embroidery kits I am working on need to be stitched for photographing, and the rug I am working on needs finishing. I have lots of reading to do, and guilt free time in the Internet researching. So it won't be so bad ...

Above is a little collage of me being stitched back together as a bird ... why? Just like the imagery and the little stitching hands come from an ancient old stitch book called The Encyclopedia of Needlework by Th de Dillmont which is worth looking out for. I just also love "Heads Bodies and Legs", or The Equisite Corpse ... more another time.

Please take note that any orders placed next week,  there will be a week delay in posting to you ... but there will be an alternative which I will be posting later today, if you just have to keep stitching!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Bluebells showing off

They are ... but it just amazes me every year how incredible a sight it is in this country in May to see carpets of colour like this. A few shots I took yesterday on my way home.
Also one last blossom one of another carpet of petals on the front lawn, blown by the tempest style winds we had last week ...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tee shirt yarn distraction

A little distraction today as I have had this bag of tee shirts behind the front door for a week now and been itching to dye them so I can try making yarn to crochet with. So I chucked some in the washing machine this morning before I got down to work. At lunch time it was drying and by tea break I cut some up ... now there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this here so have a look and have a go ... it is very satisfying to stretch the strips once cut ... some tee shirts don't want to curl and I am not yet sure how this will effect the crochet, and I suspect it will give a different texture. LOVELY! The washing machine is still going and there will be more colours yet so will photograph as I go ...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Details of the day ...

 The fence at the bottom of the garden has rotted over the years and we have had to take it down and replace the panels that are gone. There is a Sleeping Beauty style thicket of 30 years worth of brambles to cut back before we can even get to the fence. Jo and his brother are doing the manly stuff. But in cutting back the brambles we found this beautiful nest with three eggs in, one broken and they were stone cold. There was bound to be one but I am certain it had been left before we started. But how perfect it is. I brought it down to the back door to photograph, the blue against this little golden privet bush is such a lovely contrast.

Song Thrush eggs and abandoned nest
Song Thrush eggs

 On my daily walk to get away from the work for a bit, we went out to one of our favorite walks to the river to stretch the eyes and breath in some good lungfuls of airs before getting on again. So much to see, it changes so rapidly at this time of year, but the wind was biting and raced across the flats nearly blowing Biddy over.
Roman snail
Roman snail on dandelion flower
Danelion head
Dandelion clock

Monday, 13 May 2013


I have found something so beautiful ... well I find beautiful things everyday while trying not to be distracted from work, but I want to share this wonderful site with you. Facile Cecile makes and finds exquisite embroidery of almost 18th century quality, muted rich colours and very fine workmanship. Here is just a tiny taste of some tiny embroidered buttons ... Do go and be inspired too.
Facile Cecile exquisite hand embroidered buttons
Facile Cecile

Friday, 10 May 2013

Running Stitch and variations Tutorial

Here is Tutorial number two.
Running Stitch and some of the things you can do to decorate it. Keep practicing getting your running stitches evenly spaced as it makes a big difference to how the finished piece of work looks. I have tried to be tidy here with a bit of help from Photoshop, and there are so many other things you can do with just a simple running stitch like outlining an applique shape or following a pattern on a piece of printed fabric. I will go into all this in future and more besides! But I am going out for a walk now as been sitting too long ...
Running Stitch and decorative variations ... Laced Running Stitch, Pekinese, Stitch, Whipped Running Stitch
Running Stitch and decorative variations ... Laced Running Stitch, Pekinese, Stitch, Whipped Running Stitch

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blossom pics ... it has to be done

I have to do it ... the blossom is very much in every eyeful at the moment and I know it will be all over in a flash so even if you are tired of the sight of it, here is my lot ...
View from my studio window
View from my window

This has almost blown away already!

Very 1950s knickers but lovely all the same

This crabapple has the most lovely fruit in the autumn which the birds love.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday, busy, not busy ...

There has been excitement for me this week ... the new bags have come ... 1000 of them! And the new kits. Despite the holiday I have been loving packing up orders outstanding to shops and taking first pleasure in sending out the new style kits to those of you who have ordered this week. I really hope you like them. I never felt very happy about the cardboard wrap being useless apart from providing a protective casing for the cloth and thread, and more than likely being thrown away after it was bought. These bags can not only be used as storage for your embroidery project but also can be stitched for more practice too! I am stitching one now and will post when done.

Apart from that we have been enjoying the sun too and the almost obescene bird behaviour in the garden. They are all VERY single minded right now. What with the blossom, bees and sunshine and all.
A new bag with embroidery partially finished, all the kits will come in these from now on
One of the new bags ... embroidery underway
Teapot kit parts ready for packing, threads and printed fabric
Tea Pot kit

Lovebirds kit parts, ready for packing up
Lovebirds Kit

Packing materials for the new kits, labels, bags, thread labels
Packing in progress