Friday, 22 February 2013


Though I am still wondering whether or not to have a yellow background, behind the stitches ... does anyone have any opinion? Leave comments on my Facebook page please or here ...
This is the yellow, which is a dull yellow / green, a favourite of mine though bright yellow is usually a colour I have difficulty with strangely.

The teapot embroidery came from a sample I did while teaching children and adults to do simple embroidery back in 2000, this is the original one which uses sequins and bits of lace also. but the stitches used are very little really and still have great effect!

I would love to do some beetle stitch kits but not sure how they would go down ...

New Kits

Lovebirds stitch kit using a variety of decorative embroidery stitches
Lovebirds Stitch kit

Bright steaming teapot, dcorated with an array of decorative stitches
Tea Pot stitch kit
Well despite having a carpel tunnel op this week ( luckily the left hand!) I have managed to finish designing two of the six new stitch kits, and begun collecting together the posters artworks also. Here is a sneek preview of the two completed which will be available over next couple of weeks all being well with suppliers etc. The kits now will come in a calico drawstring bag which can also be embroidered and makes for a great work bag in which to keep the project while underway ... take a look at the website for details

Thursday, 7 February 2013

House and Garden 1951

Here is the article from 1951 House and Garden with my parents tiny flat in Kensington Gardens. My mother always used to say that it was actually very damp and dark and pokey, and to line it with asbestos! The hardboard flooring was constantly curling up and tripping you up ... but it looks so like the beginings of a style I came to know as 'home'. My father and uncle, Robert Nicholson both used to smoke heavily and my mother would say it was quite hard to breath let alone bring up my older brother John then a baby in this little flat. But still my father looks so handsome here, ... and some of the ornaments and pieces of furniture including the Ernest Race rocking chair I still know and love. The rocking chair was also another death trap as small squidgy fingers could be sliced off guillotine style under those rockers! Ah the pitfalls of modern living in the 1950s!