Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shed, and Pigeon embroidery production

I love working in the shed, it gives me the feeling I am actually going out to work rather than getting up and sitting down to it in my kitchen/studio with my tea and porridge and not stopping till the jobs are done. I NEED a girl Friday, any offers? Bored graduate who loves textiles and would not mind roughing it in a quaint, beautiful, no mod cons cottage for a few months .... get in touch!

Here are some pictures of my little garden studio/shed. Biddy loves it too and sleeps behind me on the futon. Though during the heat it was all a bit much for her and she kept asking me to turn down the thermostat, which I tried explain was not really up to me, which just made her sulky and bad tempered, and refuses a licky lolly. Ruby the dog next door likes to be hosed down, with much hysterical and excitable yelping. Does make me smile!

And here some pictures of the next piece I am working on, "The Pigeon" embroidery, on the go as an infant and as it grows. It is a large piece and is tiresome to get through the machine with all the twisting and turning necessary when doing these embroideries but a couple more weeks should do it! Then I will post it!

The Etzy shop is exciting too ... There I will have one off pieces and other things, just really an alternative audience source hopefully. I feel uncomfortable about putting prices here on the blog ... but the Swallow is £110 unframed but beautifully finished with a linen backing and edges. But on Etzy I won't feel so bad. It all feels a bit spammy somehow. What do you think? I will let the world know (!) when it is all spik and span and ready to visit!

Teaching tomorrow at The Sewing Space so if your coming along I really am looking forward to meeting you and having a great day!

Embroidery on the go ...
The Pigeon being embroidered on hottest day ...
Pigeon embroidery on the go
The small but lovely interior of my summer workplace!

My own and my father's old brushes he used for his oil paintings, and an lovely old anglepoise lamp

Applique stage
Cuckoo under construction
Applique stage
First stage of laying out the Pigeon pieces. Velvet, silk, prints, ready for embroidery...

Biddy very much at the end of her tether
Biddy complaining about the heat

Rayon embroidery threads
The boxes of Rayon threads I use


  1. I just received my copy of this month's Country Living - what a fab article about you! Congratulations - hope you get lots of orders and more recognition from it!

  2. I've just found you through Attic 24,,, Wow I really love your work. I hope you still have the love birds sewing kit this Xmas as it'll definitely be on my present list. I'm a crochet girl at heart but I'm trying to expand on my creative skills and this kit looks an ideal way of achieving this! I wrote a post on my blog not so long ago about love birds so here's the link if you fancy having a peek I envy the lucky person who gets the job of Girl Friday ;-D X

  3. I have not seen it yet as was out teaching all day yesterday and they told me it would be out at the end of August! So was a bit unprepared ... don't worry the Lovebirds will keep going, and I am working on some new designs for Christmas too! Just need that Girl Friday! Had two enquiries so far but both a long way away! Love your blog too, it is great fun to do ....

  4. Just found you via Ann Wood Handmade. LOVE your embroideries!

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