Sunday, 2 January 2011

Marsh reeds 1.1.11

A New Years Day walking out on the misty marsh, with swans reluctantly launching themselves from their grazing as we passed and filling the still air with a deep rhythmic fluting sound as they flew in unison around us. This walk is one I do frequently, either alone or with friends, and yesterday went with Lucy and Sophie, branching out to a new path which took us into a different part of the landscape and much further than usual. A different perspective on something familiar ...

I am aware that all around me there are new resolutions being made and that this is also an attempt at a fresh start, but it will be an online diary and visual record of the year as well as a record of the new business venture I am launching this year. Having been dreaming of doing this for many years to enable me to generate enough income to concentrate on more serious work, I have now got a range of push out cards ready to sell! Also more products in the pipeline. I have had a difficult year, recovering from breast cancer, but now ready and in good health once again, full of enthusiasm to start this new venture

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