Saturday, 19 February 2011

Tadek Beutlich

Though I can not find this image on the internet, and there is very little there about him or his work. It gives me a small smile that he has slipped the net somehow... but frustrating when researching ... this was from a newspaper cutting years ago ...

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  1. I am co-ordinating a post humous exhibition of Tadek Beutlich's work Nancy, so you will get to see this piece for real if you come! The pieces include wall hangings, textile off the loom pieces, prints, sketches, sculptures and are being sold so you might even wish to buy one. Some prints are now on sale at Emma Mason gallery in Eastbourne. For now you can contact me at for more info and I will be making a website for Tadek so that people can see what is happening where and when. He has left a wonderful and inspiring collection of works! Liz Hankins