Sunday, 26 June 2011

Getting there ...

So soon the 'city ' will be finished, and hopefully in the shops before Christmas.
Looking through my folder of inspiration and I am afraid there are no links to where I found them. But how many of us have that clear memory of these little wooden buildings, and were lost for hours fingering the little rough figures and speaking in soft voices for the characters, creating complicated life situations and city reconstructions in the twinkling of an eye ... yet it was not complicated, it was so simple, there was a lady, and a man and some goats and sheep, they had a couple of kids and a great little house, and could have another when they felt like it, they lived on jammy dodgers, and they were deeply in love and you could grow a forest of adjustable trees in your neatly fenced garden .... happiness, simple.

When does that dream bubble burst?

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  1. Found you through Wendy's blog. Love what you did at Charlotte's!