Tuesday, 11 September 2012


The first order packed and ready to post!

Wonderful threads
Finished framed 'Cat' embroidery, and packs.
Well the stranded cotton came today and it looks wonderful in such a huge quantity ... not sure if I have enough but this is still a steep learning curve. Now the kits can be assembled at last. Though it is lovely to do now, I suppose the novelty may wear off after the 200th kit!


  1. They look really beautiful, very stylish! My experience of any kind of drawn out creative job is that you will be sick of it after the 200th kit, but that doesn't matter! Everyone else will see them with fresh eyes and love them .

  2. OoH - good luck with all of that packing!
    Will these be for sale through your website?

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for your comments! Yes, they will be for sale on the website eventually, but I am trying to redesign the site myself and it never seems just right! Getting there slowly. At least I have learnt to Twitter now. Happy to send out if you email me with what you would like.