Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hand Embroidery Class

Well ... I had a great day at The Sewing Space in Hythe on Friday, and despite the rain we all had a happy time there. I taught the stitches used in the kits and then showed my delightful pupils how to make a little bottle top pincushion! It is a wonderful, colourful and inspiring shop with a little studio at the back where the workshops take place. As you can see they are all smiling! It must have been the tea! The day went so quickly. I was so happy to be able to give all my pupils a brand new, hot off the press calico bag with a few goodies in, because the bags have at last arrived from the printers ... a whole 1000 of them, and I am really pleased with them. So now the new kits will be packed in these, which can also be embroidered. Pictures to follow! For now here are some pictures of the day ....
some of the pupils on the course practising their stitches
Some of my pupils practicing their stitches.
The work table in full swing with The Bird Kit about to be stitched!

linen strips with some worked stitches
Some samplers on the go.

a rainbow of coloured wools used for feltmaking
Inside the shop, with a very appetizing box felting wool for the felt making classes

Many many bolts of fabric used for dressmaking and patchwork and quilting
Hundreds of bolts of fabric used for patchwork, dressmaking and quilting, and anything else your sewing heart desires!

Picture showing the shop interior with tables set up for classes
The Sewing Space interior

Interior and window of the Sewing Space
Interior of shop with lovely window display of handmade clothes using some of the lovely fabrics on sale.

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