Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Details of the day ...

 The fence at the bottom of the garden has rotted over the years and we have had to take it down and replace the panels that are gone. There is a Sleeping Beauty style thicket of 30 years worth of brambles to cut back before we can even get to the fence. Jo and his brother are doing the manly stuff. But in cutting back the brambles we found this beautiful nest with three eggs in, one broken and they were stone cold. There was bound to be one but I am certain it had been left before we started. But how perfect it is. I brought it down to the back door to photograph, the blue against this little golden privet bush is such a lovely contrast.

Song Thrush eggs and abandoned nest
Song Thrush eggs

 On my daily walk to get away from the work for a bit, we went out to one of our favorite walks to the river to stretch the eyes and breath in some good lungfuls of airs before getting on again. So much to see, it changes so rapidly at this time of year, but the wind was biting and raced across the flats nearly blowing Biddy over.
Roman snail
Roman snail on dandelion flower
Danelion head
Dandelion clock

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