Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Giant Puff Ball

Sliced just after picking

preparation with good butter salt and pepper

Frying with the bacon

Consumption ... satisfaction
I found these photos on the camera today ... completely forgot to post them though the event was quite spectacular! We almost fell over this giant on a walk down a familiar route one weekend in late September. It was as big, no bigger than a football and weirdly attached to the soil by the smallest of stalks. looking rather like it had been blown up from the earth ... I was very excited to scoop it up and made a sling for it out of my jumper, which smelt heavenly all the way home. It squeaks when it is cut like cutting polystyrene ... and the aroma is indescribably delicious. Butter, bacon, salt and pepper great slices of it on good bread ... we had risotto too, and stuffed a squash with it. It was handed out to friends and kept me in food for a week. A huge soft cloud of a thing. Delicious.


  1. Oh I haven't found a giant puffball for ages they are wonderful aren't they to me they taste like a mushroom omelette, your pictures bring it all back!

  2. It was soooo good, and Yes they do taste just like that, ah another year till the hunt will be on again.... my goodness they also love BUTTER! These puffballs soak up butter in the same way as aubergines do! Hungry for it they are, but butter is one of the things in life I could not do without! Have a great Christmas Hazel xx

  3. This is a mushroom?? And you find these....where?! Don't have this where I live!

  4. Hi Laura
    Yes it is a mushroom! But only grows in the late summer and autumn. We get quite a lot round here in Kent, but I am sure they grow all round the country. Where are you? They are delicious, mad and extraordinary ... worth looking out for! N x