Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lovely stitchers

Thanks to all who wrote to me yesterday and I am so excited to send you out the first samples to be worked. This will make a huge difference to this project and I am looking forward to this new stage with you alongside! The results of your labour (well, I hope it will be fun for you too!) will be posted here along with credits and acknowledgements!

Now that the rain seems to have abated, these photos of the marsh near to me seem unreal. But the grassy flats by the River Rother were completely under water with waves lapping at the "shore line" ... It has been remarkable to look out of my bedroom window in the mornings recently and see the encroaching grey green water ever rising and shimmering in the near distance ... now the birds seem to be defiantly shouting out their spring songs, almost belligerently, and there is no stopping spring now ...
Marsh Floods

Marsh Floods
5 minutes from my cottage the waters rose and rose ... all this is usually green with sheep grazing there

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