Friday, 15 August 2014

Embroidered Bracelet Tutorial

The finished embroidered bracelet

Here I show you how to create the felt bracelet I have been teaching. It is a great way complete an easy project in a short time, so a quick and satisfying little thing to make, and can be as varied as you like ... experiment with different coloured felts and threads, and a variety of hand embroidery stitches ... even the simplest stitches look effective. I am so influenced by folk art embroidery so it was an obvious choice for a workshop/tutorial. It is perfect for children learning to sew and beginners new to embroidery. I will be teaching it at Hoop September 12th.


Felt in your choice of colour  2 x 22 cm x 2 cm  + another strip 21 cm x 1 cm
Coloured elastic 6 - 7cm long
Button of your choice
Stranded embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Tacking cotton.

Embroidered Felt Bracelet Step 1
Step 1
Cut out a back, front and re-enforcing strip (red) I make them about 22 cm long then cut them to size later (you will see!) but at this stage measure your wrist and add a couple of cm.

Step 2.

Tie a knot in the elastic and pull tight. Snip to tidy ends.

Step 3.

Stitch in place onto the back section using a thread the same colour as the felt. Secure firmly.

Step 4.

Tack the re-enforcing section of felt in place (as shown) and tack in position.

Step 5.
I would advise taking some time to decide decide which stitches you are choosing and where they will go. A simple sketch will only take you 5 mins but will save you lots of unpicking! Even have a practise of your chosen stitches if needs be. Here I have used Spider's Web Stitch ... because as you may have realised it is a personal favourite, and Fly Stitch. Both are demonstrated HERE.  Always fold the fabric to find centre to start, and keep checking to leave enough felt to trim, rather than taking the stitches too close to each end (see below)
Step 6.

Once you have completed your embroidery get a stitch buddy to snip your bracelet to the correct length.

Ah! very pleasing ....

Step 7.

Put the three parts together and join using a simple little running stitch (or could be more elaborate like Whipped Running stitch, Stem Stitch, Laced Running Stitch ... Tutorials HERE and HERE 

Step 8.

I am hurrying now as my nut cutlets are ready ... Here it is, button sewn on and ready for parading around!

Many Thanks to my lovely friend Vanessa for doing the fabulous and very exhausting wrist modelling
and thread pulling for the kits. SO there you have it ... please enjoy this tutorial and let me see what you have been making by sending pictures into my Facebook page HERE or email me at

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