Monday, 6 October 2014


We had such a happy time at Thread in beautiful Farnham. My lovely assistant Amanda was a complete hit with everyone and handled sales and friendly chatter as if she'd been doing it for years! Only 19 but ready for whatever the world has to chuck her way ... very proud surrogate mum (I borrowed her from my dear friend Bobby to whom she really belongs!) We were so impressed with the whole event, organised beautifully, even down to the frequent passing round of chocolates for the stall holders ...

And the first evening saw us living it up at Cote Brasserie in the town and I have to say it was so fabulous I want to recommend it. Apart from the wonderful food we had such wonderful service by the very lovely staff ... 

And after much hard work I can say that the new kits went down so well ... Thread was their official launch, and they are as follows ... 

Birdie 1, Birdie 2, Birdie 3, and a lovely Celebration Cake. They are not available in the shops for at least a month from now. So here they are with some details but go and have a look at them on the website. To follow very soon is a new teapot, well, a re-design of the older one ... to go with the cake of course.

Celebration Cake Embroidery Kit Framed in a standard frame

Celebration Cake Embroidery Kit ... designed with Birthdays and Weddings in mind, or any occasion worth making a fuss about!

Yes, it's those lovely Spider's Web Stitches again

Celebration Cake detail

Celebration Cake detail ... showing some of the new stitches you can learn on this sampler ... my stitches are a little wobbly as I was in such a rush to finish the samples for the show.

Celebration Cake detail

Another detail ...

The three new Birdie embroidery kits ... from left to right ... Birdie 3, Birdie 1, and Birdie 2

The three new Birdie embroidery kits ... from left to right ... Birdie 3, Birdie 1, and Birdie 2.
I have framed them in embroidery hoops but you can just as easily pop them in a standard frame, or use the finished panel as a cushion centre piece ... might try that myself later.

Detail of Birdie 1 Embroidery KIt

Detail of Birdie 1 ... lovely Buttonhole Wheel Stitch for the border

Birdie 1 Embroidery Kit

Birdie 1

Birdie 1 Embroidery Kit detail

Detail of Birdie 1

Birdie 2 framed in an embroidery hoop

Birdie 2 framed in an embroidery hoop

Birdie 2 Embroidery Kit Detail

Detail of Birdie 2. This one is especially good for a beginner

Birdie 3

Birdie 3

Birdie 3 Embroidery kit Detail

Birdie 3 Detail, French Knots, Fly Stitch, Lovely simple Running Stitch and Detached Fly Stitch


  1. Wow, what gorgeous kits!! You are ever so talented, Nancy. Definitely on my Christmas wish list! Jenny x

  2. These are absolutely stunning! They just make me want to start right now! J9 x

  3. Is your site at available? It shows error 404. I'd be delighted to view the birdies kits abd maybe order them.

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  6. You are a true artist. This is a great piece of hand embroidery! Are you also into the business of embroidery digitizing and machine embroidery?

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