Saturday, 17 January 2015

Top Drawer London January 2015

Finally sitting down to catch up with the blog ...
It has been non stop since at least a month before Christmas. Really busy with orders and the usual Christmas frenzy craziness! Oh dear I do find it incredibly over the top then PHOOF! it's all over as though it had never happened and everyone resumes to normal behaviour. Call me a scrooge if you like but there you are. There's a lot about Christmas I like ... the feeling of good cheer, visiting chums, the cooking and making... the travelling away from here to see the boys in Berlin (photos in next blog post, one thing at a time!) and there's some things I could do without ... But when you are also working flat out it becomes very stressful indeed! I am moaning, new years resolution not to moan ...
As soon as I got back from Berlin I had to get on and get organised for Top Drawer. But we got it done and put up in time after a lot of lugging about on trains full of football supporters, but we put it all up in about two hours! Yes on a metre square cube/plinth.
Please forgive the terrible photos ... there is no excuse just did not work out!
I travelled up and down the first two days then stayed in a hotel just six minutes away on Monday night ... feeling very independent and grown up and excited, even though it was basic it was warm and comfortable and a quite bolt hole after the noise and bustle of Olympia. Then home home on Tuesday after a frantic breakdown and an hour waiting to get out of the car park ... all the stand holders desperate also to get home and take stock. Thanks to Emma Rene who also had a stand in the craft section and makes lovely jewellery (sorry no link) Thanks also to my cousin Carol from and Kristina Avery from for coming in to help me out so marvellously!

Also had a lot of fun chatting to my fellow Spotted friends ... and many others

Euan Cunningham from
Kate Samuels from
Anna Rumsby from Colourcutie (no website yet) but find her on twitter
Samantha Dumont from Atissu
and of course

Loved all the chat and bonding ...

I received so much encouragement and am still ploughing through all the business cards and orders I received, and there is still some news to come but it can wait till I am sure ...

My stand at Spotted area at Top Drawer

My stand at Spotted area at Top Drawer

My stand at Spotted area at Top Drawer

My stand at Spotted area at Top Drawer

My stand at Spotted area at Top Drawer

Next up is Heals Modern Craft Market which is taking place from 2nd Feb to 14th Feb in Heals (obviously) Tottenham Court Road. I will be there at the weekends and am running a workshop on 14th from 12.30-2pm for which you have to book if you would like to come. This is what the blurb says ...
Discover what it takes to be a modern craftsman in our exclusive hands-on workshops hosted by the exhibitors of the Heal’s Modern Craft Market. 
Join us as the Heal’s Modern Craft Market learns the art and craft of stitch-work with Nancy Nicholson. During this workshop you will be shown many of the specialist stitches that Nancy uses in her designs, which will also be on display throughout the duration of craft market. You will also be provided with a printed motif for you to stitch and take home to enjoy.
Location: Heal's, Tottenham Court Road
Date: Saturday 14th February
Time: 12.30 -2pm
Cost: £12


  1. That stand looks fabulous! I wish I'd known about this event, I have trouble finding out about these so I'm delighted you've mentioned the Heal's Market, I'll definitely be popping down. Do keep telling us what events you'll be at! Jenny x

  2. Hi Jenny
    I am sorry it was all so hectic! But do come to Heals ... I am just writing about it now and posting the launch Invite ... I am running classes also on the 14th
    Hopefully see you there! x