Monday, 11 May 2015

Bird Embroideries

I am really happy to have been taken on by Yellow House Licensing recently and look forward to new horizons as a result. So I have had to collect images of work for them to make a portfolio to represent me. These two bird embroideries were made some years ago, maybe 4-5? and it has been great scan them properly as I never had time when I made them ... but I am definitely feeling it's time to make some more machine embroideries ... time? I must make time. The cottage is now going on the market so I have to keep it tidy and clean and as my kitchen is the nerve centre of this business that is quite a challenge .. also doing these embroideries is incredibly messy and it is a requisite to empty out piles of scraps to rummage through, resulting in myself, the cottage and the dog are then covered in trails of threads ... but I have explained to the agent this is a place of work as well as a picturesque and perfect kentish cottage.

If anyone is interested in a very unique, beautiful 400 year old cottage on the edge of heaven, please contact me .... 

Orange Cuckoo Machine Embroidery using velvets and silks, applique, wool base
Orange Cuckoo

Pink Cuckoo Machine Embroidery using velvets and silks, applique, wool base
Pink Cuckoo


  1. Your birds are very beautiful. Could I ask you a big favour please. Would you mind changing your font colour to black on your blog as I cannot read it properly, and I do love to keep up with what you are doing. Best wishes for selling the cottage.