Saturday, 20 February 2016

How to print onto fabric using freezer paper

Here is a little guide on how to print onto fabric using your home inkjet printer. It is surprisingly simple once you get used to it. You can buy Reynolds Freezer paper from Amazon HERE ... and all our downloadable patterns are HERE so you can confidently have a go!

1. Using a sheet of A4 paper as a guide, 
cut out the same size 
in freezer paper. Also cut an A4 sized 
piece of lightweight fabric. 

2. Now, place the shiny side down 
onto the fabric. 

3. Iron the two together. 

4. Trim the edges to exactly A4 and any 
stray fibres or threads from the edge as 
these could get caught in the printer rollers. 
Set your printer to print the design 
and place the fabric/paper in the feed tray
so it will print on the fabric side. 
Press PRINT.
Once printed you will need to remove 
the backing paper.


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