Thursday, 28 July 2016

Modern Folk Embroidery

Modern Folk Embroidery by Nancy Nicholson pub by David and Charles
At Last it's done!
It has taken a few months but at last the book is in production and will be out November 16th this year. Thanks to all at David and Charles for being so patient with me! You can pre-order the book NOW here to get your copy as soon as it is available.

I have also been designing some new cards to add to the collection I have done for The Art Group, (below) available here ... The 5 new designs include these two, which may also become kits in the near future! I am already finding myself thinking bizarrely about Christmas, which is like brushing my hair the wrong way, while the dog is panting in the heat and the sun beckons me to come into the garden and hack down the brambles ... so we can venture to the jungle at the back of the garden.
We recently also began supplying John Lewis for Autumn Winter so yesterday stuck on 800 barcodes to the kits they have ordered.
But some new kits are on the way!
Fish Shoal Card for The Art Group

MULTI CAT Card for The Art Group


  1. Oh super I cannot wait for the new book, your designs are lovely and colourful.

  2. C'est superbe, les couleurs merveilleuses ! Tous ces détails !

  3. Well done Nancy, looks fab! XXX

  4. Damn this Modern Embroidery is mind blowing. I really appreciate it for sharing :)

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  6. Lovely Designs Nancy! Keep up the good work.

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