Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I usually check my blog in the mornings, with a bowl of porridge (not eating bread at the moment), and a cup of tea. This morning it was so wonderful to find some more new friends and thank you for your kind encouraging comments. I will write to you all. . .
Here also I have flung my windows open to see SPRING! The new spring light is highlighting all the new green shoots and early blossom in the garden, the birds are like over excited school children, and the odd bumble bee knocks into the window. . . there is a great sense of being re-born.

I do wish one of my lovely followers could give me some hints as to how to create a more exciting looking blog page. I just can't see how to get beyond the minimal tools blogger give you. You all have such wonderful pages! Any offers?

Here are some plant forms I made a while back, but which I am tinkering with again in readiness for an exhibition I have in July. (more later. . .)


  1. Nancy, maybe you should scan one of your lovely design and put it into a background for your blog. I can maybe help you with the technical aspect...?

  2. I think that is a good idea if you prefer to not have a white background. I have seen other blogs with backgrounds of the artist's work and they look fantastic. Goodness knows how they do it though. I love the plant forms Nancy. They must take you ages to create.

  3. HI Nancy - I was thinking the same about my blog (BeadBag). Luckily my son designs web pages, so I can get some advice from him - I'd be happy to pass it on.
    Kind regards,
    Shirley I.