Thursday, 6 September 2012

I am building up to Top Draw, showing the cards and kits, but also trying to finish some prototypes of the new range of colouring sheets. I am really hopeful for these ... but I can't share images just yet, frustrating though that is!
Photos taken by Sarah

My favorite mugs .. I won't say vintage but they are
I also had a great afternoon with Sarah from Lion Street Store in Rye the other day and we had a satisfying time exchanging ideas and dreams ....  her little girls were so, old fashioned word but they just were, enchanting, and had fun making blackberry mush with heaps of sugar and trying out the colouring sheets which looked amazing, so good to see it working.


  1. Those stitch kits are just gorgeous. Newly acquainted with your work and adore it already!

  2. Hi! That is very encouraging. I feel a little overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of stuff there is to do as a one woman business, so it means a lot to hear from you. Nancy