Monday, 4 March 2013

Screen prints from 2008

Having a much needed computer spring clean today, and found these which I did having a lovely time back in 2008 as Artist in Residence at Benenden Girls School. I still have a folder full of the screen prints from that time ... these are collages from the screen prints. Oh I would love the time to play again with printing. Happy Days! I will post the finished screen prints when I find time to scan them!


  1. I am new to your blog, but felt I had to say what great screen prints, and also that I empathise with you about your Mum.

  2. Have you ever seen or heard about the Gocco printer from Japan? Basically it is a mini silk screen machine that sort of works like a camera. This genius of a product uses a flash bulb and when the bulb flashes your image is burned into the screen and you can start printing to your hearts desire. The way this works is the graphite that is in the printed image gets very hot when the flash goes off and that is enough to burn the image unto the mini silk screen. I am really giving you the short version of how this works but you get the basic idea I am sure. I bought my Gocco PG-11 on EBay. I got a pretty good deal on mine but you really have to keep checking on eBay all the time in order to get a deal. The company is no longer making these machines but they are making the supplies that the machine uses. Silly, I know. There are a lot of people that sell the supplies on Etsy as well as the printer machines. I even have a attachment that the screen can hook on the screen and you can print on clothing etc. If you are interested just start Googling. I have made notes, invitations, save the date cards, birthday t-shirts. I love my Gocco printer and they are a lot of fun.