Friday, 1 March 2013

Pigeon Poster

I took delivery of the first proofs of the Pigeon print this morning and very pleased with it ... it is a poster though rather than a print, though I am getting some samples done for super duper prints too ... also the samples came for the cloth bag for the kits! It all feels painfully slow but I am getting there. It all seems whizzy but in truth i am sitting here infront of the computer with a quilt wrapped around me and a hotwater bottle at my back as it is freezing and I have run out of logs ... brrr, sick of the cold. Anyway I have posted these new designs onto Facebook now so we shall see. I am still not sure how to use Facebook properly and feel I am being a bit dim about it.


  1. oh I hear ya re facebook, I only plucked up courage to dive in a couple months ago after almost 5 yrs of blogging. I love it and hate it in equal measures, but it does reach out to sooo many people..look see, I found you via facebook!
    I just LOVE this pigeon! I would be very interested in buying a poster or print, will wait for news on that, have "liked" you on FB now so will keep up with your doings.
    You have a big new fan here!
    Much love

  2. This is fabulous--I eagerly await the kit, and then I shall have to decide which of your kits to purchase first!

    So sorry you're COLD; we are having a false Spring here in California on the central coast. My soul needs more winter, thank you.