Wednesday, 24 April 2013


 Right, so here we are in Spring today! It has happened ... I look out of the window and it is GREEN! Biddy and I went for a walk to get away from cutting fabric and packing kits. No coat! Took the camera and here are a few shots of our walk ...
Pale pink blossom with my cottage in the background
The crab apple in bloom with my workroom window behind, so I look out at this every day ...
Spring scene of sheep and her lamb
A very peaceful spring scene, a very calm mother with her child, for once not bothered by me and Biddy walking through her field. Usually there is lots of hysteria and frantic baa- ing ... but these two were very chilled ...

Blacktorn buds
Wonderful blackthorn buds, perfect round pearls.

Magnolia Stelata seen from kitchen window
The magnolia in the back yard. Magnolia Stellata, completely covered in flowers and the scent in the evening is intoxicating ... I can stand there with my nose in a flower for ages.
Lichen bright green/yellow on old narled hedge
I just love the hedges in the winter and spring, before they get their leaves, the twisty shapes and lichen, bright against the grey wood is wonderful. My photo library is rather full of photos such as these!

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