Friday, 24 May 2013

A short intermission

All Brand New!

During the next few weeks there may be a short silence. On 28th May I am going into hospital to have a long awaited breast reconstruction. I had breast cancer in 2010 and now that I am fully recovered it is time to have this surgery and say goodbye to the lopsided me and embrace the cleavage again. It is amazing how I have got used to it, as we all get used to almost anything in time, but I want to do this now after turning down the operation 18 months ago. The procedure I am having takes the fat from my stomach and creates a breast from this with mind blowing precision and micro surgery ... can't imagine it ... and also I am having a reduction on the 'good side' to match up with the new breast. I can't say I am not nervous, not only by the whole experience, and not least about having to leave this business which is beginning to become exciting, and it is hard to leave it in a suspended state. My mind is going all the time with the next thing and it will be frustrating to have to sit still for a while.
I have been preparing projects of a more relaxing nature to do during recovery ... the tee shirt yarn rugs, the new embroidery kits I am working on need to be stitched for photographing, and the rug I am working on needs finishing. I have lots of reading to do, and guilt free time in the Internet researching. So it won't be so bad ...

Above is a little collage of me being stitched back together as a bird ... why? Just like the imagery and the little stitching hands come from an ancient old stitch book called The Encyclopedia of Needlework by Th de Dillmont which is worth looking out for. I just also love "Heads Bodies and Legs", or The Equisite Corpse ... more another time.

Please take note that any orders placed next week,  there will be a week delay in posting to you ... but there will be an alternative which I will be posting later today, if you just have to keep stitching!

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