Friday, 24 May 2013

Embroidery Bird Decoration to download

Well here it is, my first online, downloadable stitch kit! While I am away from my post I have designed something for you to print yourself onto lightweight calico, make up and embroider ... it is easy to print onto lightweight fabric and the effect is crisp and clear. I give full description and instructions for printing, making up and also how to make the little stand, though you could also thread the bird to hang up.  I would love to see how you get on with this so let me see your results!

Have fun with it ...

Easy to embroider and make up embroidered bird
Little bird decoration
Easy to embroider and make up embroidered bird
There are instructions for making the stand from a bottle cap

Stitch variation



  1. Hi - so wish you well with your op next week - I've had breast cancer this last 12 months and so wish you well with the new you - I love your kits and treated myself to the cat when i was geeting through my chemo!!!

  2. Thank you JP. I also hope you are well on your way to recovery. It does take a big chunk of your life but brings some unexpected rewards too! I appreciate your message. xx

  3. I have only just checked in on your (rather wonderful) blog for the first time in a few weeks and read your news. Sending you all best wishes for a speedy recovery and a positive result - and more strength to your elbow for more beautiful images to come...