Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday, busy, not busy ...

There has been excitement for me this week ... the new bags have come ... 1000 of them! And the new kits. Despite the holiday I have been loving packing up orders outstanding to shops and taking first pleasure in sending out the new style kits to those of you who have ordered this week. I really hope you like them. I never felt very happy about the cardboard wrap being useless apart from providing a protective casing for the cloth and thread, and more than likely being thrown away after it was bought. These bags can not only be used as storage for your embroidery project but also can be stitched for more practice too! I am stitching one now and will post when done.

Apart from that we have been enjoying the sun too and the almost obescene bird behaviour in the garden. They are all VERY single minded right now. What with the blossom, bees and sunshine and all.
A new bag with embroidery partially finished, all the kits will come in these from now on
One of the new bags ... embroidery underway
Teapot kit parts ready for packing, threads and printed fabric
Tea Pot kit

Lovebirds kit parts, ready for packing up
Lovebirds Kit

Packing materials for the new kits, labels, bags, thread labels
Packing in progress

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