Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blossom pics ... it has to be done

I have to do it ... the blossom is very much in every eyeful at the moment and I know it will be all over in a flash so even if you are tired of the sight of it, here is my lot ...
View from my studio window
View from my window

This has almost blown away already!

Very 1950s knickers but lovely all the same

This crabapple has the most lovely fruit in the autumn which the birds love.


  1. oh lovely! Ours is still in bud up here in Yorkshire, it is late this year due to the cold i suspect....can't wait for our turn!

  2. Well, as I write there are 60 mile an hour winds making nonsense of the blossom, only the pink frilly knicker tree is hanging on! I expect your bluebells are still in their infancy too ... must take some pictures of our Kentish ones to whet your appetite! xxx