Saturday, 8 June 2013

Inkjet fabric printing tutorial using Reynolds freezer paper

I want to get you excited by this wonderful technique if you have not yet tried it. There are ENDLESS possibilities ... I can give you tutorials but I want you to just play with it for your own purposes.
This tutorial is included in the Little Bird downloadable kit but here it is to comfort you and help you to see how easy it is. From the second we, as a family received a computer and printer into our home, I was trying to print onto fabric much to my ex husband's annoyance, ( we separated amicably not because of the printer incident!) as bits of thread invariably wound themselves around the rollers and whipped unfortunate lines of ink across subsequent important letters.

You can buy Reynolds freezer paper  at The Cotton Patch or on Amazon. It has many uses so it is worth getting a roll if you are an avid and insatiable crafter ... you can even wrap meat in it if it takes your fancy, what more could you want? When you have practiced this you will be ready to make the little bird and the other designs I am working on, to expand this side of the business.

cut A4 sheet from roll

Back paper onto fabric

Iron paper and fabric together

trim loose ends from edges


  1. Hi - been thinking about you - guess you are up and at it again after the surgery - hope you are feeling ok and not to sore and pleased with the results - thanks for this tutorial

  2. Thank you, well I am able to work in short burst, then conk out for a bit ... I know the value of the rest. But this post was easy as it is part of the PDF for the Little Bird. But I am pleased with the results but there is a way to go before it will be as it should! Yellow cleavage ( the bruising!)wasn't quite the look I was going for!xx

  3. Wow, you learn something new every day. Thanks.