Friday, 7 June 2013

First Post ...

9 days post op, and first I must make HUGE APOLOGIES, to all those of you ( not too many only three I think guiltily) who have either received wrong amount of kits or had wrong postage paid etc etc ... A week before the op I was like a whirling dervish trying to get all the orders out before I went into hospital. To make matters worse I was waiting for components to arrive right up to the last minute so was wrapping parcels on the morning of the day I went in! So I am afraid there is a lesson here somewhere ... STOP ... BREATH ... DOUBLE CHECK!
But it is all over now, all I have to do is learn to stand straight without it feeling as though I am going to split across the middle. The reconstruction I have had made me a new breast from my more than adequate tummy fat. They also reduced my left breast to match. The new breast incredibly natural looking and though swollen will soften and become more like a natural breast as time goes by.
I am tired but fine, though a little stir crazy already but know the value of rest so trying to do everything I do with long rests in between. Still at the shuffling stage though .... it is a relief to put it all behind me.
Thank you too for all your kind messages, it has been very warming indeed and I have really felt the benefit ....

I was embroidering pincushions on day 3 post op, and have begun my tee shirt yarn rug, but have now run out of tee shirts till the next boot fair visit ...

I thought as a last mention of the event I would illustrate this post with a photo of my supper at the hospital, brought the evening before the op. The embellishments were added, well they had to be didn't they. Condition sensitive hospital food!

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  1. Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery. Take each step of the process gently. xx