Friday, 7 March 2014

London trip

I don't get out much ... I don't mean to moan but it takes a lot to winch me from my work, which I do love. I am getting ready for the showcase called "Make Do", which will be the finale to the business course I am on run by School for Creative Startups and will be held in Selfridges Hotel, at the end of May (more details closer to the time)
It is a chance to showcase our businesses and meet buyers, press, public and investors, and there is much to do beforehand. Yesterday I went up to Somerset House to have a 1-1 with Doug Richard and Medeia and I am feeling now hugely pepped up and less deflated about the whole thing. It can feel like an uphill struggle sometimes but our chat smoothed out many wrinkles and I am clearer about the way forward now.
But there is still lots to do ....
The treat afterwards was to go to Muji in Longacre for a new notebook and those lovely fine line pens and then to The Cloth House in Berwick Street.
If you love textiles and you have not been there it is a place you must go as soon as you can .... I love it.
have a look at the site and you will see what I mean though there is nothing like going there ... so GO!

Cloth House interior
Dress weight indian cottons, muslins, delicious colours

The Cloth House vintage braids and trimmings
The Cloth House vintage braids and trimmings

Linens bought from The Cloth House

I bought some beautiful linen for my ladies to work samples on. So if you are one of my ladies, I am going to work on some materials this weekend. Also this weekend I will construct a tutorial on the transfer pens I am so happy with ... 


  1. OoH that linen looks delicious! Keep up the good work Nancy, it'll all be worth it :D

  2. Thanks Kathleen! Hope so! Very excited to use these maybe on the collar!

  3. Lovely pictures Nancy! As one of your lucky ladies, I have to say the dinner isn't on, all I have done all afternoon is sit and stitch one of your beautiful designs!

  4. Ha! Give em fish and chips! Have just sent you a mail about bothersome satin stitch ... it is satisfying once you master it. Nx


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