Sunday, 9 March 2014

Iron on Transfer Pens

Why does it take me so long to find answers ...

Many of you have I hope had success with printing one of my downloads onto fabric so you can stitch the design without the need for other transfer methods. But there is an alternative for those who may not have a printer or just want a more direct method. Especially for linear designs. It also means you can transfer designs to other weights of fabric and other colours ... even patterned fabric!
The answer ... Iron Transfer Pens. I just received a pack of eight colours made by Sulky bought from Amazon

As a start though I am offering a FREE download of this design (below) for every kit ordered this next two weeks. The next blog post will explain more ...
It is the same bird as in the Sampler 2014 but larger and uses 6 strands of stranded embroidery thread. This was a happy experiment for me also!  See following blogpost for finished article ...
All instructions will be on the download.
As you can see I am still working on this one and will post when finished.
I am designing lots of motifs for this method as it is quite addictive and has endless possibilities!

Iron on Transfer pen instructions
Print out the design ...Draw around the design carefully using an appropriate coloured transfer pen.Downloadable design fror tranfer

Pin or tape the design drawn side down onto the chosen fabric and iron using a hot setting, checking that it is transferring and does not moved. 
Keep going until it has left the design clearly on the fabric then you can begin embroidering! 
The drawing can be used several times. So if you have downloaded a motif it can be placed in a repeat across the fabric, as shown. When it will no longer print you only have draw around the design again using the transfer pen ...


  1. These pens sound wonderful - sooooo much easier than hand tracing a design using the window as a light box!!

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