Monday, 24 March 2014

The Shirt Collar Project

I have been working for two days now on a secret project The Shirt Collar Project run by lovely Kathleen from Murgatroyd and Bean. Though we were sent our collars back in the mists of time (I really can't remember!) the momentum has recently been building as we approach the deadline.

Here is the brief ...

"The Shirt Collar Project 2014
This inaugural collaboration involves ten, British, female artists and begins with a common starting point; the humble shirt collar. 

The Brief: 
"The 2014 project is about your response to a base material which someone else has chosen for you. In this instance, a detachable, pre-worn shirt collar.

The collar doesn't have to remain collar-like, you might choose to rip, deconstruct it or add to it. Any medium goes; dye, stain, rivet, bury in earth, paint, stitch, print..."

There have been tantalising glimpses of the various artists work in progress and I am curious to see the variation that evolves. Will post details of big reveal soon .... but do take a look at the activity and the other artists while you wait!
The other artists involved are ...

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