Monday, 17 March 2014

Cat ... pattern for embroidered cat

Embroidered Cat downloadable pattern

Embroidered Cat downloadable pattern ... stitching together in progress
Embroidered Cat downloadable pattern  Front feet detail
Sewing cat together

Embroidered Cat downloadable pattern Face detail
Side View and stitch detail

Embroidered Cat downloadable pattern Back detail
Back view showing Feather Stitch detail
 I am experimenting with a three dimensional cat as one of the new kit design possibilities. So came up with this rather aloof gentleman. A Cat made in white felt who stands 14 cm high and is easily made up and uses a few stitches to bring him to life. I really enjoyed designing him and hope you will enjoy making it too. Sadly and mysteriously my camera just stopped working this morning after I had set everything up for a whizzy photo shoot! So these are only taken with my iPhone ...
I am cutting out a more sinister Cat in dark colours today so keep watching this cat space! More work in progress! But this pattern can be completed in any personal colour choice of course, and I always love to hear how you get on and might even run a small gallery of finished cats, if you are brave enough to submit photos of your work ...

You can download the pattern HERE
With that download you will not only have the pattern but all the detailed instructions of how to assemble the cat and a stitch library show the stitches used and some more to try. There is also a stitch guide to show you where to apply the stitches I have used. All for only £5.00
Embroidered Cat downloadable pattern ... sewing in the whiskers
Stitching whiskers!

Embroidered Cat downloadable pattern ... side view


  1. I love all the colourful stitching but he is one scary cat.

    1. Hi Gail ... well I really did not want to make another "cute" cat but one with a bit of attitude and swagger! I am working on another one at the moment and will make him have a different expression ... but who knows what it might be! N x

  2. The cat is lovely and also very funny. Like her :). Thanks for the pattern!