Friday, 23 May 2014

Makegood Festival

I have neglected you all ... but it is only a week now till the Makegood festival

Please do come if you can as it is going to be quite brilliant! An amazing showcase for 200 creative businesses many who I can say are very cool people indeed as they have been my fellows on this journey we all have been taking at School for Creative Startups. This all reminds me so much of my degree show and I still have nightmares about that! The lists are everywhere, and today is the last day I have in the studio to get the last things packed and ready, then into the car ... on Sunday we will drive there to put it up (there will be photographic evidence) and then it starts on Thursday for us with Press and VIPs coming. Open to public on Friday! YIKES! As I have barely had time to look after myself this last two weeks or more ... I am a little worried about the bloodshot eyes and lack of smartness when meeting the press. I don't do "smart" very well, even when I try really hard.

The photos below are of the work in progress. New embroidery kits which came in huge great rolls which I can hardly lift, mad frantic stitching to complete samples for the show, the colour dilemma, choosing threads for the kits. Many early mornings and late nights.

And I still have inappropriate shoes to wear to this event! I long to wear my Birkenstocks but not sure it would be right. That will be worth a visit if nothing else, to see what I finally manage to cobble together to wear and whether I have had the mental where with all to brush my hair and not put mascara on only one eye. Seriously I would be chuffed to bits to meet anyone who reads this blog. And here I want to thank any of you who have helped with the frantic stitching of samples ... you know who you are ... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

New Kits choosing colours
New kit ... Little Bird No.2
New Kits stitching sample detail of Long Tail Bird Cushion kit
Detail Long Tail Bird Cushion kit

Little Bird No.2 detail
Little Bird No.2 new kit detail

New Kits choosing colours for Little Bird No. 2

Little Birds new kits on the roll
New Kits on the roll!

Cushion kits new kits on the roll
Long Tail Bird and Pigeon Cushion Kits on the roll


  1. Looking forward to meeting you, Nancy, no matter what you're wearing! Jenny

    1. Ha! Looking forward to meeting you too! I think I will go for the less risky black ensemble ... what a cop out!

  2. Love these birds! Where can I get the Long Tail Bird and Pigeon Cushion kits?

    1. RoseMary, They are not quite ready for the website but any day now they will be on there and you can order from there. Or email me and I will personally notify you when they are up! The show has kind of taken over and delayed a lot of things. But we are getting there.

  3. Your kits looks wonderful. I think you are more than brave doing this, it must be rather daunting to take on so much work. I wish you every success.