Saturday, 24 May 2014

New Embroidery Kits sneek peak

The new embroidery kits, four of them, are not quite ready but can't resist showing a couple of details. These are just home photos and nothing flashy, but some flashy ones are one their way ... of all the new things. If you would like to order one of the new kits please email me so I am aware of you and can give you priority. Once they up loaded onto the website we'll be in business, but because of Makegood preparations we are a few days behind.

I will be doing some online tutorials on the cushion kits so look out for those. Right now, the van is packed and we will meet them in London to put up the show tomorrow. So time to relax for the first evening in weeks, some lovely bream and new potatoes, watercress salad, telly, no embroidery! Or crochet.
LongTail Bird Embroidery Cushion Kit Detail
Long Tail Bird Embroidery Cushion Kit Detail

Pigeon Embroidery Cushion Kit Detail
Pigeon Embroidery Cushion Kit Detail


  1. Looking great Nancy

  2. I really love your designs - good luck for the weekend!!

  3. oooh these are super cute! Love the bright colours!!