Sunday, 9 March 2014

Embroidery Kits ... New Photos, and Mother's Day download

I had to pop these up as I am so pleased with them. Lovely Vannessa from Hoop ... a very fine photographer as well as wizard wool shop owner, of Hoop Haberdashery took these photos of the embroidery kits for publicity purposes and because I have only ever had my own rather homespun ones.

With the new designs coming along nicely (I am awaiting funding to produce them) I have rather neglected showing these kits off a bit. Not sure how long I will produce these once the new ones are up and running. So to promote the coming of the new kits I am offering a lovely free download for every one of these kits ordered for the next two weeks. Click on the caption below each photo to take you to the relevant webpage. Once you have ordered your kit via the website, send me an email to with the code DL314 in the "subject box" so I know you qualify for the free download.
See pictures of the design you will receive below .... A great present for Mother's Day!
Teapot embroidery kit, unpacked

Lovebirds embroidery kit, unpacked

Bird embroidery kit, unpacked

Completed embroidery using the download pattern
This is how your download could look ... perfect present for Mother's Day

Detail completed embroidery using the download pattern

Detail completed embroidery using the download pattern


  1. Love the bird, always love your work!

  2. Nancy, it is amazing! I've started to embroider one month ago and my results are so bad :)))) ... so far... but I love it :)

  3. Hi Myyna
    I had a look at your work on your blog and you are doing great! keep practicing and you will be an expert before very long. Love the tshirt! Nancy xx

  4. Your work and patterns are lovely Nancy. I haven't sat down to start stitching the pattern you sent yet - I picked up some knitting needles and some lovely varigated yarn I picked up at a fair recently. Winter is coming though and I am inspired by the gorgeous ideas you have shown.

  5. I love your birds and the colors you use make me really happy!