Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday working in the garden

It has been beautiful, hot but a lovely breeze, all very well if it does blow all your newly packed label all over the garden ... but just to prove that all the kits are assembled if not by my own fair hand then by my much appreciated helpers ...

Here you can see what I have been doing today, making the needle cases and pulling thread for the new cushions. Some of these colours are for the yet to be assembled Stitch Cards (sorry they are taking so long but I am working on getting them die cut).

But the effort is worth it with an order going off to America tomorrow ... to The French Needle so if you are in US and want to buy a kit do go along to visit this lovely site. They will soon have the new cushion kits in stock.

Also some other news ... have a look at Creative Bloq for a little piece about some of the entrepreneurs on the School for Creative Start Ups course, including me.

So have a look at the the process ... it's not a bad place to work!
Thread colours all ready to be wound off for the New Cushion Kits
Gorgeous colours ... thread just arrived on the cones, ready to be pulled.

Thread colours all ready to be wound off for the New Cushion Kits
 Thread colours all ready to be wound off for the New Cushion Kits

Vanessa starting on LongTail Bird
Vanessa could not wait to start!

Pigeon Cushion Kit just freshly cut
Threads and first one off the roll ...

Labels and needle packs being produced for Pigeon and Long Tail Bird Cushion kits
Making Needle Holders and Labels for Cushion Kits

Thread Packs ready to go into bags for New Cushion kits
Thread packs ready to go into the bags

Cottage garden
The Cottage garden this late spring. A bit of a tangle ...


  1. I have just found your blog through looking at an old Country living magazine, such wonderful colours, I will look forward to reading lots of back posts too, thanks,

  2. Hi Nancy
    Many thanks for the workshop I attended today at The Sewing Space. I loved it and I have finished my wristband. Even my other half is impressed. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Best wishes. Claire